Pack Your Lunch

Pack Your Lunch-Salmon Bagel

Today’s lunch is a Salmon Sandwich on a Skinny Bagel. Sounds fanci-fied and gourmet doesn’t it? Well it is….and it’s delicious….and it’s quick…and it’s healthy and nutritious. It’s a Win Win lunch! (And I had a good run in the country, too!)


Pack Your Lunch and a Valentine’s Day Giveaway

*Winner Announced*
If you are guilty of too much unhealthy fast food for lunch and adding on loads of unnecessary calories, I’m here to help! Packing a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be difficulty and can be quick and easy to prepare. Packing a healthy lunch for work just requires a little bit of planning ahead and organization. I’m psyched to announce a new series entitled Pack Your Lunch, where I will be offering you a variety of healthy lunch ideas and recipes.

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