Ukraine coach Call, Germany Is a Difficult Team Defeated

20160613loew – Architect strategy peracik the national team of Ukraine, Mykhailo Femenko, commented with his team’s 0-2 defeat of the German national team in the opening match of Group C Euro 2016, Sunday (12/06/2016) early morning or Monday. According to the coach, Ukraine looked overwhelmed hold fast attack German who came insistently in defense.

Playing in Estadio Pierre-Mauroy, Ukraine goalkeeper superbly conceded in the 19th minute of the first half through the action Shkodran Mustafi. After the events of that goal, the German national team player worsened by continuing to dismantle the defense of Ukraine. However, the German players the trouble to create the second goal of the match.
Ukraine had occasionally come to give a threat in behind the German lines through fast counterattacks. And finally created Germany’s second goal in minute 90 + 2 through quality Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Throughout the game, UEFA noted the German national team has the ball 65 percent penguasahan vs. 35 percent belong to Ukraine. On the other hand, Joachim Low’s side have won 18 trials that nine of which leads toward the goal of Ukraine. Picked up three points in the European Cup this year on creating an army Joachim Low semangkin ambition to win the competition this season as they carry out the opening match with the result 2-0 victory over Ukraine.

“For that, we should be able to stop the German measures in scoring goals, but we are not able to do it and finally we go back to two goals conceded. The performance of the players German like a machine. They successfully demonstrated their slick play in the opening match of this. Grabbing defeat is not our primary goal in the match, but Germany is Timn difficult to beat, “said Fomenko, as reported from AGEN BOLA EURO 2016, Monday (13/06/2016).

“They have great players and players I have already learned that they would against a team that has high quality. However, the game was in our favor so we must defeat in the opening match, “continued Femenko.

Reaching this defeat leaves Ukraine occupied the position of caretaker standings of Group C European Cup in 2016. In the next game, the team that has the nickname Yellow-Blue will face Ireland Utaradi Stadium Parc Olympique, Lyon, Thursday (06/16/2016) night early morning WIB.

Dutch victims ‘curse’ third-best World Cup 2014

robin-van-persie-netherlands-131015_9i3t95k2j68i1bnud6g8pxyda – National Team Orange lose the opportunity to compete at a Euro 2016 Francis next June when they failed to qualify from the qualifying group, the failure of which was repeated since the last one they experienced when in the year 1984 also with the same conditions that do not qualify from the qualifying group, in allowance this time the Dutch could not compete with Cekos Republic, Turkey and Iceland which are one roof in Group A where the national team qualifying group Orange finish fourth position

After the failure in the year 1984 country’s national team these windmills directly rampage four years later, ie in the year 1988 they immediately end the party with the Cup in EURO at the time, counted since the failure in the year 1984 to banquets EURO final 2012 Dutch run 7 episode party EURO with the results graph that looks downhill ,

Once a champion three times a translucent being a finalist twice ended dibabak quarterfinals and one time they did not qualify even when qualified group when banquets EURO 2012 when the tournament takes place in Poland and Ukraine, lapse four years later in qualifying in 2016 they could not even tickets to get to Francis and must pass one round of this annual party of four.

Many have attributed the failure of the Dutch to get to Francis this time, which stood them in the 2014 World Cup and where they were when it was finished the tournament as the third team the best of the world, whether it is a coincidence or not many countries that suffered a similar fate, seemed to be a chain of curse each team occupants the world’s third-best position will fall in EURO party two years later.

It is hard to accept common sense is but a reality that looks to have continued since the incident in the World Cup in 1982, Poland, France, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Turkey, apparently up to now only one team that has a ‘talisman powerful’ escape from the chains curse that team Panzer German.

Anything that looks like the curse is actually just an afterthought for most people and analysts who are more trusting of the reality of the myth, the dynamics of world football is not predictable where a team that looks very dominant and powerful in some competition can suddenly become the underdogs ,

Unlike what happened in the Spanish Matador team, they appear as EURO Champion in 2008, World Cup 2010 Champion, Champion last Euro 2012, but what they can when run the next World Cup tournament in 2014? They did not even pass the first half when running third qualifying group match with only reach 1 wins and 2 defeats.

Manchester United have not definitely finish top five position

manchester-united-af_9179f1b – Leaving 3rd party games left position Manchester United’s fifth in the table standings EPL is still not safe, with odds of 1 point only West Ham United who currently occupy the sixth position ready to overtake, this weekend the troops of the Red Devils will come kemarkas Norwich City being West Ham United host Swansea City.

In the first meeting when the match took place at Old Trafford in December 2015 and then, the army, the Red Devils had to accept the bitter truth defeated Norwich City with a score of 1-2, turning the cage to Carrow Road Stadium tomorrow night Ronney et al determined to avenge the defeat of the first dilaga while keeping position end of the season comes out the top five.

Norwich City were on a mission to save their positions of terdegrarasi the end of the season, winning three points in the stable would enable them to return to compete in the Premier League next season, was ranked 19th now Norwich City store a total of 31 points berselisi 2 points with Newcastle United who are positioned on the boundary zone 17 degrarasi.

Certainly Norwich City is not favored to win over Manchester United, although they play in the stable, let alone in the records of the last five games the two teams noted that the fleet of Louis Van Gaal untouched defeat with 4 wins and 1 results match a draw, while Norwich City recorded 2 victories with three straight defeats last dipertandingan.

Responding to this match the coach of the Red Devils did not dare to be careless and remain alert, there is always a tough side when facing a team that was trying to break away from the shackles degrarasi, playing in the stable, the opponent is an additional difficulty levels more under Van Gaal who did not dare to boast that they will easy win at Carrow Road Stadium.

“I will not promise ease when playing with a team that is trying to get out of the zone degrarasi, but it is not then we would be unreasonable to lose in the game later, they won dipertemuan first at Old Trafford at least we must restore dignity victory dilaga later,” said Van Gaal.

While West ham United, who play at the Boleyn Ground is more favored to win the fight over Swansea City, while not bad appearance Swansea City this season but note the poor results of their away games lately made The Swans doubt can reap additional value in the stable, the Hammers.

Match the end of next week is expected to be the match of determining who will get in position to the top five at the end of the season when West Ham United dipembunuh giant season will face Manchester United, if the Hammers were able to achieve three-point victory in this fight is not impossible fleet of Van Gaal was forced to forget competed diajang Europa League next season.