Elneny: Winning in Prime Very Important Arsenal midfielder

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Elneny: Winning in Prime Very Important Arsenal midfielder

Mohamed Elneny has stated that a 4-3 win over Leicester City last weekend is badly needed by his team.

The reason, the last season of the Gunners in the early 2015-2016 competition often get unpleasant results. The result makes them only able to finish in fifth place Domestic League final standings.

Even unsatisfactory results also have an impact that Mesut Ozil Cs will only play in the Europa League for this summer after 20 years before they always follow the Champions League.

So Mo hopes the inaugural victory at home at the Foxes meeting on Saturday early last week can provide fresh air for the team until the end of the season, where they can win the Premier League and can re-parcipate in the prestigious competition the blue continent. Although now the player in the future will not be long in the Emirates stadium, but the retainer of the Egyptian national team remains determined to show the best for the team that he is defending at this time.

“Getting the victory today is important after we often swallow defeat in the opening act during the season yesterday,” said Mohamed Elneny on the club’s official website.

“After you win in the first game with that style, it gives you the impetus to continue the new season with high spirits after changing the standings.

“Of course it is very good for me to help the team to win and especially to help the team win and especially to give assists in the day and give all that you have for Arsenal.

“I consider Arsenal dalah sebuab me,” continued Elneny.

“I will give it all in the starting 11 starters with the team and I will always keep improving to keep my kepat.

“I am happy with the coach believing in my quality and I look forward to providing the best in every fight.”

Due to his unsatisfactory performance last season some urges the club to immediately terminate the contract of the former FC Basel player, but even so but a number of clubs are reportedly ready to sign him in the summer.

Walcott Praises Kolasinac Appearance

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Walcott Praises Kolasinac Appearance

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott has declared that Sead Kolasinac is a truly magnificent doorstop Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Where, his appearance in the field is fantastic. Interestingly in addition to being able to play in two different positions, the Bosnian national team retainer Herzegovina is also able to play defensive and attack very well.

Evidently, his header goal in normal time dilaga Chelsea team managed to win the Community Shield on penalties that ended 4-1 at the end of last week at Wembley stadium.

Even with his good physique, Walcott believes Seo can win a duel with an opponent striker in the Premier League competition and can help the team avoid conceding a large number of goals and if his form remains consistent until the end of the 2017-2018 season the 28-year-old is convinced the former Schalke player It can be the best player.

“Sead looks like an absolute tank. He is one of the toughest units and I’m sure his physicality can be our key this season, “Theo Walcott told the media.

“Honestly he’s amazing, where I see him in the gym every day, you can say he keeps himself very well, he eats-the right food and he’s professional. You can see the power you get when you get it. Ball, speed and everything. I think seeing him is very beautiful to watch and he is a great addition to the squad.

“Believe me, he is not easy to surround. He’s pretty wide too. He is perfect for the Premier League, he is absolutely perfect. He will show you something different. I have seen a bit about him in pre-season and he will soon be doing something to be fitter, stronger and faster.

“This league is the best and I think he can be one of the best.”

Meanwhile, Kolasinac touted next season will replace the position of Per Mertesacker who will hang shoes in the center back position.

Wilkins doubt Chelsea in the Summer

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Wilkins doubt Chelsea in the Summer

Former Chelsea assistant coach Ray Wilkins declared himself confused to see the club he had dealt with, especially in recruiting new faces and making him also worried.

The Blues are now bringing in four new ammunitions like Willy Caballero, Antonio Rudiger, Tiemoue Bakayoko and Alvaro Morata but they have so far not shown a real contribution to the team. Evidently after swallowing two pre-season defeats in Singapore, last weekend they must recognize the greatness of Arsenal in the Community Shield 2017 which makes predicting Antonio Conte could be a bad experience like Jose Mourinho.

Even recently West West clubs are releasing their mainstay midfielder Nemanja Matic to Manchester United and in the near future Diego Costa who look good last season in the near future will be sold. With a note that Wilkins is very doubt the foster children Italian tactics tacticians can compete in the tight competition both the Champions League and English Premier League 2017-2018.

“The fact they lost yesterday from Arsenal because sometimes I think there is also a good football from Chelsea. It makes body language that makes me worry from Conte down, ”

“They are unhappy, they are not compact and I think they will be in a difficult season if the new face is not put together immediately into the squad.

“I can not understand in my life why Nemanja Matic went to Manchester United. With Matic performing very well over the past three seasons.

I think Chelsea are weaker than the previous squad. To be wise, I think they need to use their money to bring in a lot of players. “