Basic Vitamin Supplements

Regardless of how well we try to eat, our food source and soil is just not the same as it was fifty years ago when our great grandparents were growing their own food. If you’re new to supplementation, trying to decide which vitamins and supplements to take can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. In this post I talk about why I think you should be taking a vitamin supplement and a few of my favorite vitamins I take everyday.


Market America World Conference 2014

Market America World Conference 2014 in the beautiful, warm and sunny Miami, FL. Joining this team has honestly been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and attending my first major event this past weekend in Miami only confirmed my love and belief in this amazing company.


This Week in Review

This week has been all out ca-ra-zy.  It seems like I’ve said that a lot here lately!  It’s all been so good though…we’ve been going, going, going and learning and networking and meeting new friends and running and growing! We spent time with new friends! Our week actually started last Friday on Ono Island where […]


Behind the Scenes of The More I Run

The last few weeks, months around The More I Run have been super crazy!  So much happening…good things happening ever so quickly…it’s hard for me to wrap my own head around!  But I’m ready to share it all so get ready, this will probably be the longest post I’ve ever written.  I have so much […]


Nutrametrix Nutritional Supplements

I know I’ve written about and have shared with you just how important I feel that taking nutritional supplements are and how beneficial they can be for your body’s wellness.  I want to take that even further with you today and share just how near and dear to my heart a particular nutritional product is […]

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