How do you wear your SPIbelt?

I’ve teamed up with SPIbelt again–because I think there product is awesome-to provide you with a giveaway! How do you wear your SPIbelt?

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This Week’s Running and Eats

I must confess that we didn’t run much at all during the Summer.  I’m too old for such heat, as well as, hot flashes and 95+ degree weather just doesn’t go very well together.  Although I did miss it, I must also confess that it was a nice break.  I used to feel guilty for […]


We ran 1 1/2 miles along the shoreline, barefoot and with calves burning…and it was oh so good!

When planning your vacation, don’t forget to plan your meals and your workouts too! I’ve found that when I pack and plan for healthy snacking and eating, then a couple of indulgences along the way won’t make me feel guilty or make me feel like I’ve blown it! Here are some healthy eats and workouts I did while we were on vacation!


Featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

Yes, you read that correctly. Little ‘ole me, from a little spot on a country, dirt road, featured in a national magazine. Can you say cra cra!? I’ve never even considered myself a “real runner”. I don’t run fast, I don’t run very far and I don’t have a wall decorated with hundreds of running bibs and medals. Again, this is just me we’re talking about here.


No equipment needed for this Holiday Travel Workout.

Don’t let your workouts slip just because you’re traveling this holiday season. No equipment needed for this bodyweight, do-anywhere, Holiday Travel Workout.


Bounce Dryer Sheets & Other Natural Wonders of the World

Consider this post to be highly educational my blogger friends as I’m going to share with you some interesting facts I’ve learned over the past couple of weeks. Fact # 1.  Bounce Dryer Sheets can be used for more than softening your clothes. Do you remember Uncle John?  He gave us the pigeon chicken coop […]

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