Here Lately

July 22, 2013

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Here Lately

My life has been such a whirlwind these past six months and as a result not much blogging.  To be quite honest, I’ve simply not had the time to sit and devote sometimes hours to a quality-filled blog post.  I do try to post to Instagram on a regular basis and here’s what’s been going […]


This Week in Review

This week has been all out ca-ra-zy.  It seems like I’ve said that a lot here lately!  It’s all been so good though…we’ve been going, going, going and learning and networking and meeting new friends and running and growing! We spent time with new friends! Our week actually started last Friday on Ono Island where […]


Let’s Go Grocery Shopping

I’m currently in Week 5 of my first 12 week Weight Management Class.  We meet weekly and average an attendance of 9 at each meeting.  So far, this class has lost 87 pounds!!  I’m so excited for them and they still have 7 weeks left to go!  Woo Hoo! Tonight we went ‘grocery shopping’.  They […]


Behind the Scenes of The More I Run

The last few weeks, months around The More I Run have been super crazy!  So much happening…good things happening ever so quickly…it’s hard for me to wrap my own head around!  But I’m ready to share it all so get ready, this will probably be the longest post I’ve ever written.  I have so much […]


The More I Run Health Coaching

Have you found yourself yet again on another weight loss/gain roller coaster?  Have you tried all of the weight loss diets, fads and lose-weight-without-the-work gimmicks? Have any of those plans worked for you?  If not, then I’m here to help! The More I Run is now offering to women ages 18 and older, a 12 week, online, one […]

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