Running in the Heat

As the outdoor thermometer continues to rise, it doesn’t take long to figure out that running in the heat gets harder and harder.  On most days with the temperature in the mid to upper 90’s and the humidity also just as high, I feel like I’m drowning in the thick, potato soup-like air. Here are […]


Proper Running Form

I want to talk to you about running form. I found that once I started paying closer attention to the correct body mechanics while I was running that I began to feel more relaxed and comfortable during my run. Maintaining proper running form will help you relax and enjoy your run better and hopefully prevent […]


Running in Cold Weather

I must admit it.  I love running in the cold.  I know I know, most people I talk to say they hate it…that it causes their lungs to burn and their hands and ears to freeze.  But…..being in the mid….eh, hem…time of my life….ya know….I don’t get cold much anymore like I used to and […]


Alrighty.  It’s been four weeks since the first part of my Tips to Help You Start Running post.  I hope since then you’ve starting exercising more, walking and possibly even running! If you have, GO YOU and keep it up!  If not, then start today!  I wanted to go a little further with you and […]


Do you want to start running? Well, the good news is YOU CAN!  How do I know this?  Because for years I sat back wondering if I could, but really thinking I couldn’t.  Until one day I DID! This is what worked for me and I hope it works for you, too! Walk first.  Don’t […]

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