Ricky Nelson Back to Junior Team, Borneo FC Will Have New Coach

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Ricky Nelson Back to Junior Team, Borneo FC Will Have New Coach

Borneo FC has officially ended the term of Ricky Nelson Gideon Ndun as a temporary coach or caretaker Judi Bola Online.

The defeat of Borneo FC from Sriwijaya FC on Saturday (5/8/2017) became one of the reasons for this decision.

Ricky Nelson was replaced by the management of Borneo FC after being evaluated from the team’s matches dubbed Pesut Etam under his direction.

“Maybe, one of the reasons when we were caught by Sriwijaya FC at home,” said Ricky Nelson when contacted BolaSport.com.

It also got certainty from Borneo FC Manager, Farid Abubakar.

“Yeah last night after the match I met with Ricky coach, I delivered some things and we agreed coach Ricky no longer train the senior squad of Borneo FC,” said Farid, as quoted from the official club website.

“In essence, we remain together, just the status he returns as a youth team coach, basically he is Director of Youth Development at Borneo FC,” Farid said.

Total, Ricky Nelson has handled Pesut Etam’s squad for five matches by packing seven points.

When asked about his successor, ex coach Villa 2000 is a secret of the figure.

Only, Ricky gives a hint that his successor is still a local coach.

“The coach is still there, only I was asked to keep it secret first, but the coach Borneo is still a local,” said Ricky.

Ricky will automatically re-focus on the academy of Borneo FC as a director.

Goal Ferdinand Best of Week 18

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Goal Ferdinand Best of Week 18

Goal striker PSM Makassar Ferdinand Sinaga goalkeeper Mitra Kukar so the best in the 18th week League 1. The duel took place at the Stadium Andi Matalatta, Makasar, Monday (7/8/2017).

Ferdinand scored a mere puppet victory team nicknamed Juku Eja in the 83rd minute. Former Persib Bandung striker was doing slow sontekan after receiving the ball from Wiljan Pluim.

Kick along the land that released players Indonesia U-23 national team at the SEA Games 2011 was almost blocked defender Mitra Kukar Saepuloh Maulana. But the ball keeps going and Saepuloh has just been swept past the goal line.

The second goal of the 28-year-old striker in the League 1 event makes the PSM won three points and they remain in fifth position standings. Ferdinand goal to get rid of three other candidates namely Irsyad Maulana (Semen Padang), Yusuf Effendi (Persegres Gresik United) and Michael Essien (Persib Bandung).

Irsyad scored against Persegres, Yusuf broke into the net of Semen Padang, and Essien scored a powerful header into the PSI’s goal.

Walcott Praises Kolasinac Appearance

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Walcott Praises Kolasinac Appearance

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott has declared that Sead Kolasinac is a truly magnificent doorstop Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Where, his appearance in the field is fantastic. Interestingly in addition to being able to play in two different positions, the Bosnian national team retainer Herzegovina is also able to play defensive and attack very well.

Evidently, his header goal in normal time dilaga Chelsea team managed to win the Community Shield on penalties that ended 4-1 at the end of last week at Wembley stadium.

Even with his good physique, Walcott believes Seo can win a duel with an opponent striker in the Premier League competition and can help the team avoid conceding a large number of goals and if his form remains consistent until the end of the 2017-2018 season the 28-year-old is convinced the former Schalke player It can be the best player.

“Sead looks like an absolute tank. He is one of the toughest units and I’m sure his physicality can be our key this season, “Theo Walcott told the media.

“Honestly he’s amazing, where I see him in the gym every day, you can say he keeps himself very well, he eats-the right food and he’s professional. You can see the power you get when you get it. Ball, speed and everything. I think seeing him is very beautiful to watch and he is a great addition to the squad.

“Believe me, he is not easy to surround. He’s pretty wide too. He is perfect for the Premier League, he is absolutely perfect. He will show you something different. I have seen a bit about him in pre-season and he will soon be doing something to be fitter, stronger and faster.

“This league is the best and I think he can be one of the best.”

Meanwhile, Kolasinac touted next season will replace the position of Per Mertesacker who will hang shoes in the center back position.