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Remember last week when I told you I was coupon shopping again? Remember when I showed you what my stockpile looked like earlier in the year? And then I showed you what it looks like now? Well I’ve learned something new about that. Do not let your stockpile run empty. Because I let my stockpile […]


Since we last spoke, 1.  I did my strengthening workout outdoors and loved it.  The weather is perfect and it’s not as drab as being stuck indoors. The only problem though is there are a couple of distractions to deal with.  2.  We watched Auburn Clintball Football against LSU (like seriously, the # 1 team […]


Here’s a quick FYI for ya! I’ve learned that organizing my coupon binder alphabetically rather than by category works soooo much better for me and therefore saves me lots more time. I file my coupons mostly by product name and I find that I can thumb right to what I’m looking for rather quickly. For […]


I’m not sure if it’s the aesthetic or a simple case of Obsessive Compulsiveness that causes me to neatly arrange and organize my couponing stockpile.  But when I do, I sit back and stare at it as if it’s a treasured trophy from a national championship game or an Olympic gold medal. I suppose in […]


Since donning my new hat as a Coupon Shopper, I’ve had to graduate from the smaller, coupon accordion to the 3-ring binder method of organizing my coupons.  When I first started following other Couponers who also used the 3-ring binder method of organization, I thought, “nah…I won’t need to go to use one of those, […]


Today I Bought This

February 19, 2011

in Coupon Shopping

Today I bought this and received CVS Bonus Bucks for each item (the Coke products were also on sale 3/$10). Then in a second transaction, used the CVS Bonus Bucks and got these items for FREE !  (Each item was on sale-the deodorant for $2.99 and the dishwashing liquid $0.88 each). Shelves are going up […]

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