A Glimpse Into My Day

September 16, 2015

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A Glimpse Into My Day

I’m loving life right now and I especially love retreating away to our sweet home away from home for a nice, relaxing get a way. Here’s a glimpse into my day.


Marley Coffee Giveaway

Do you know how it feels when you try something new and you can’t wait to share it with someone else? Well, that’s exactly how I am right now! A few months ago I got a taste for Marley Coffee for the first time and since drinking that first cup, I’ve not gone back to the other grocery store brands. And I’m a picky coffee person!

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Selfies and Starbucks

We had a serious Halloween night of pumpkin carving and I think we ended up with some pretty good artwork. A Mom and Shelby selfie just because I <3 this girl. A selfie with Shelby and my future sister in law.  #babybrotherisgettingmarried I posted this picture on my Instagram page with the comment, “Why is it every […]


Good Morning with Coffee

September 17, 2014

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Good Morning with Coffee

Warning. This post is random. There’s no real point to it. I’m simply drinking my coffee and sharing ramblings of what I’ve been thinking and doing the last couple of weeks. I meal prepped!  I wish I were disciplined to do this more.  It helps soooo much in being prepared for the week.  I’m just […]

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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid holiday weight gain this year by following these simple tips. There’s no need to stress through the holiday season. Follow these simple tips, enjoy time with your family and friends, eat good food in moderation and do some sort of exercise everyday and you’ll beat the Holiday Weight Gain for sure!


How To Increase Your Metabolism

metabolism |məˈtabəˌlizəm|noun:  the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Why is this a word that plagues us so much?  It’s a word that we’ve grown to rely on as the sole source of our weight management.  But more so rather, as a crutch to lay blame on the lack of our […]


Just Because-A Starbucks Giveaway

*Winner Announced! Just because I love coffee. Just because I love Starbucks coffee. Just because my readership has increased. Just because it’s Monday. Just because I appreciate you.


I had several work related classes and meetings to attend today, but after they were all done, I took a couple of hours to run some errands for myself. On my drive this morning I noticed how the sunlight was shining through this mirror charm a friend gave me for my birthday. Lunch was on […]

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