You are invited to join my online weight loss party!

SAVE THE DATE!  April 29th! I’m so excited to announce my first online weight loss party!  Get ready for spring and blast away those extra winter pounds, all from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase everything you need to get healthy and lose weight! You will get 10% off any purchases made […]


Why I’m Not Going to Show You My Abs

This post has been lingering in my thoughts for several weeks now and I’ve really not been sure quite how to express those thoughts.  But it seems with the evolution of social media, so is the growing trend of half naked pictures of “fit” women as well. Now let me precede by saying that if you want […]

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Join TeamSam for the Spring Fat Blaster!

Updated to add that due to ongoing interest, sign up has been extended until April 17th with new groups starting on April 27th!  In 12 weeks, you’ll wish you had joined!   Yay for Spring and warmer weather! And with the arrival of Spring, also begins my last fat loss, weight loss program until the Fall…so […]

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March Jumpstart Weight Loss

It’s SIGN UP time again for the next 21 Day Jumpstart weight loss, fat burn group! Sign up until Monday, March 2nd and class will begin March 9th. Are you wondering if this program is for you then ask yourself these questions: Do you need a boost in your metabolism? Do you need to lose weight and/or burn fat? Are you feeling sluggish….

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Are You a TeamSam Subscriber?

Low Glycemic eating may reduce your risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Inflammation and Cancer. Click To Tweet What is a Subscriber?  Well, I like to think of my TeamSam subscribers more as team members instead of subscribers!  There are certain perks to becoming a team member! When you subscribe to join TeamSam Fitness, You’ll be the first to be […]

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Christian Music Workout Playlist

I’ve never been one to listen to music while I run or workout…call me un-American, yes I know, but the music always seems to be more distracting than motivating. Until now.

I recently created a Christian music workout playlist to listen to and it totally rocked my workout! Why have I never thought of doing this!? This music made my spirit and my workout come alive!

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