The Infamous Post Thanksgiving Post

You knew it was coming!  How could a holiday celebration go by without me sharing it with you?  I do enjoy reading other Post-Thanksgiving blog posts to see how other people around the world celebrate the holiday.  It’s interesting to see how you:  decorate your home, do you have a casual or a formal dinner, […]


DIY Project: Building a Chicken Pen

Here at the Alday house we’ve taken on another project… in the country you just never really know what kind of ‘projects’ we’re going to get into. Remember the Beaver Dam and then later the Chicken Coop projects? Since moving the chicken coop we adopted, inherited, were gifted baby chickens to one day live in the […]


A Wedding, Lack of Motivation and 15 Chickens

For the first time since I’ve really been serious about working out, I’ve experienced a genuine lack of motivation and maybe a mild burn out.  Not so much burn out where I’ve just wanted to quit all together, but a lack of motivation resulting from fatigue and just out right over-doing it. This past weekend […]


Weekend Craziness

February 21, 2012

in Family

Weekend Craziness

You know there are those times when you’re super busy and therefore super stressed? This weekend was super busy minus the super stress which made it super fun!


Painting Party with the Girls

This weekend we celebrated my Boo’s upcoming Sweet Sixteen by going to a painting studio with a few of her besties. Although the real artists from the studio had our canvases already outlined and ready for us to paint, it was hard work and not at all as easy at they made it look! It was so much fun though pretending we were all artistic and Picaso-like.


Nutrition, Disease & Vitamin Supplements

The use of Vitamin Supplements has been in the forefront of my mind lately. Several blog posts I’ve read about Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well as recent conversations with friends who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer has reminded me why I take vitamins and why I believe nutrition is so important to our health. […]

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