healthy snacks

An on the go, hotel room bodyweight workout.

Don’t let traveling detour your healthy living journey and take you off course! Packing healthy travel essentials and snacks, along with be prepared with a hotel room, bodyweight only workout will keep you on the right track of success!


Beach Week Part 2-Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

Most couples celebrate their anniversary doing something romantic like a candlelight dinner or date night with a movie or even a fancy getaway. But Clark and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary by going on a hike! We have both have been raised on these waters, but for the first time hiked a walking trial only miles from the beach house.


My Favorite Blogs

I guess it’s time to confess admit to you how I spend my mornings. ¬†With coffee in hand, I browse lots of my favorite blogs learning new recipes, getting inspired by some fab athletes, catching up with the latest and greatest or simply stalking other bloggers on how spend their time. Here are a few […]


Sometimes I Run Because

April 26, 2012

in Running

Sometimes I Run Because

Sometimes I run because… I just want to. I need to. To exercise with a friend. To spend time with my husband. To clear my thoughts. To organize my thoughts. To de-stress. It makes me feel better. To enjoy the weather. I feel stronger. Of what I ate. To help manage my weight. I can. […]


Monday Morning Musings

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m terrible with post titles and this post is no exception. I have several things I want to share with you and trying to come up with a title that would cover it all….well…..I gave up. :) But here’s a bit of {useless information} random thoughts and happenings that’s been on my mind lately.


I spent most of my day with my grandmother at the hospital Outpatient Surgery Center. It was an early {4 am} start so I was prepared. Included in my stash:¬† a light sweater (you know it’s always cold in hospitals), a bottle of water, coffee for the ride down (remember how early in the morning […]

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