My Favorite Photo Editing Tools

As a professional photographer for 13 years and over a 100 weddings photographed, I’ve used my fair share of editing software and photoshop actions. These are a just a few of my favorite editing tools and the results they render.


It was nearly dark this evening when I found myself laying on the ground at the row picker of this combine. Today’s assignment was “from a low angle” and of course, my first thought was to snag a picture of a tall tree or something like that. But on our {very} short run today the enormity of this tractor caught my attention.They do look big from a distance, but they especially look big when you’re laying on the ground in front of them.


30 Day Photo Challenge Day 5

From a high angle. Ok…I’m confessing to you.  I actually took this picture a couple of days ago then realized it would be a perfect picture for today’s assignment. Here is my kitty begging for food and attention as usual.


After much (stressing) anticipating over whether or not I’m going to do a 365 Project….which is a picture a day for 365 days….yes, everyday take a picture….I’ve decided that my answer is “yes and no”. I’m going to take a picture everyday, but I’m starting small, thinking in short term instead of it-scares-me-to-death-everyday for 365 days-long-term.


Do You Instagram?

December 29, 2011

in Information, Photography

I’ve discovered something fun about I’ve been using the iPhone app pretty much as long as I’ve had my phone, but loser me just discovered (okay, my teenagers actually told me) a seriously cool feature about the app.


Starting over applies to me in several areas of my life right now. I’m trying to exercise and run again after straining my knee, after being in a funky funk mood, I’m trying to get back into a rhythm of blogging and lastly, I’m totally reworking my photography website and working on building that business […]

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