Holiday Shopping & Gift Guide for Fitness Fanatics

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life? These holiday gift ideas for health and fitness fanatics are some of my favorites and I hope will make your holiday shopping easier!


The Infamous Post Thanksgiving Post

You knew it was coming!  How could a holiday celebration go by without me sharing it with you?  I do enjoy reading other Post-Thanksgiving blog posts to see how other people around the world celebrate the holiday.  It’s interesting to see how you:  decorate your home, do you have a casual or a formal dinner, […]


I think it’s so important to write up a menu for the week before you get in the store, find yourself standing in the middle of the grocery isle feeling overwhelmed and frustrated wondering what to buy…..then usually end up buying too much unnecessary items spending too much money. Sound familiar?


27 Dresses

December 3, 2011

in Family, Food

Sharing my day with you. Breakfast was typical: Oatmeal with dried cranberries, a dollop of peanut butter and brown sugar topped with pumpkin seeds (pumpkin seeds are high in protein). Shelby, Aunt Paula and I went bridesmaid dress shopping for Aunt Paula’s wedding next Spring. While Aunt Paula was getting fitted for her bridal gown, […]


Holiday Shopping Has Begun

November 30, 2011

in Food, Running

I can always tell when the holiday season has arrived. No, it’s not the turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pies. It’s not even the Christmas lights that are already hung along the rooftops. It’s the hundreds of catalogs that fill my mailbox on a daily basis! Everyday I’m receiving handfuls of catalogs for […]


Remember last week when I told you I was coupon shopping again? Remember when I showed you what my stockpile looked like earlier in the year? And then I showed you what it looks like now? Well I’ve learned something new about that. Do not let your stockpile run empty. Because I let my stockpile […]

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